No hay que dar por hecho que el amor está hecho.*

Wyandanch & Padme.

Wyandanch [ˈwaɪənˌdæntʃ] came into our lives on March 7th, I chose him from a group of kittens in a pet shelter (Second chances) just after I connected with his “mask face”, it was a few hours later when I took him out of the cat crate at home, that I discovered his heart shaped mark.

As it was written with the particular irony of my destiny, on May 4th he left us.

He had been deteriorating since Thursday when we took him to the vet also because we’ve noticed that he had lost weight and he peed our bed twice too. Leukemia and the beginning of an anemia episode was the diagnosis and we took him home hoping that the medicines would help him. On Saturday he seemed to improve, between our arms he recovered the pink color of his nose and paws.

His last picture with me, May 3th.

“What do you think Wyandanch represents?, what does he have to teach us?” Daniella asked me. We were at that point where a stimulated neural network connects with everything. Then, like an epiphany, everything came together in an instant in my head: his name, what he had lived until that day, his gaze, his mark, his origin and his current state.

I answered as if I’ve had always known the answer: He came to teach us that love should not be taken for granted*

* Title explanation > “No hay que dar por hecho que el amor está hecho

It’s a word play: the first “hecho” is about “fact” as taking something for granted; the second “hecho” is for the past participle form of the verb “hacer” (To do).

I will continue with my answer, but first I must explain the origin of his name:

Wyandanch is the name of a “village”, let’s say a demographic space designated by this name in New York State, within what is known as Long Island. It has a train station with the same name. On our first trip to NYC with Daniella, “Wyandanch” was the station before our destination, “Deer Park”, from where we got easily to Dix Hills (the place we where staying). Maybe the pronunciation in the alert voice of the train, maybe just something fortuitous on destiny, but one of the big memories of that trip was: “The next station is Wyandanch”.

Continuing then with my epiphanic moment, I also said:

LIRR, Ronkonkoma Service. Foto: @andr3s60

-Its name says everything by itself, Wyandanch represents one stop on the road, a point just before a destination, that place where you have to pass before arriving, his mark also speaks of love (within the symbolism assigned to the heart as iconic expression), from the beginning love was his language.

I cannot stop repeating myself that idea, even this text is a first approach to understand it because just after that night and as if he was certifying the culmination of his work, with a soft sigh and a deep look, Wyandanch left us.

Picture taken just before I took him to vet hospital

He was left behind as we left behind the station, his name and memory will be a point in the past of our history. Witnesses of how that little being came to teach us that love is not just having a heart painted on your back, love is what you give every day, it is the confidence when you look for the other body warm to rest, it is the language in which you communicate that you are happy where you are, it is to bow your head and seek shelter in trust, it is to be able to approach to ask for water, food or a little play time, it is hiding if you are scared and being sad or upset if you have been offended, but without losing the brightness on your eyes to look at the ones you love, it is asking for forgiveness with tenderness and forgiving by looking into the eyes, it is understanding that love is not done by itself, as nothing is, as only through the action life gets its true meaning.

Balance: Daniella Ortiz

We are not only humans because we belong to the hueman specie, we are human when we understand and see each other as iquals; we are not family just for sharing a blood bond, we are family if we manage to connect directly with the with the insight and feeling of others. A couple is not a couple just because of a kiss or walking taking each other hand, or a series of self-imposed rules taken from a framework of apparent human behaviors, it is when you see through the other, when you understand other’s existence and being and you want that person to walk by your side on the road being just authentic to each other. You cannot have a business with just the name and the idea, it is achieved through daily work; you don’t live just cuz you wake up and breathe, you don’t die just by stop doing it.

Today Padme (like us), looks at the empty spaces where this little being scampered or just sat to contemplate us with tenderness, the three of us sigh in unison in the same way that apparently no one could imagine him being a big cat, perhaps as a preamble to his early departure. As when death kisses those around you, the three of us remember, and in the pain and joy of thanking life for those beautiful almost two months we spent with him, we embraced the night huging each other waiting for its compassionate dream to take us to the moment when we were four.


by A.F.A.C

Tranlation: Daniella Ortiz

Publicado por andr3s60

[89]. Creador de contenido.


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